Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My second birthday

My football themed birthday party was so much fun! I had family come from everywhere! My Granny and Gaga did not make it into any pictures, but they came and brought me some greatly needed stuff! Lolly and Pop got me lots of great clothes and a dump truck and tricycle. Grandad got me the coolest Cowboys jersey. Gigi and Papaw got me a rocking horse that really talks and sings. Aunt BB, Uncle Best, and Jack got me some big boy sippy cups and a great outfit. My Gaga, Big Daddy, and Nana could not make the long trip, but they sent me some great stuff as well and called me on my birthday! Overall, I would have to say it was pretty terrific :)

Jack will be as cool as Pop and me someday.

This is the tricycle my Lolly and Pop got for me.

This is the end of my birthday party day, relaxing so much in my great rocking chair from Gaga and Big Daddy, that I put myself to sleep!

This is me and Jack having some drinks together, hanging out.

We really had a great time!

Mama helped me blow out my candles, all 2 of them :)

We drank out of football sippy cups. (That is my best friend, Will, from school)

I had a blast playing in the park at my party!

This is my friend, Anna, from church. As you can see, I am kind of crazy about her ;)

So I had this major meltdown when my beloved balloons got away from me, but other than that, my birthday party was great.

Gigi and Papaw got me a real rocking horse! I call him Bucko.

Check out me and Grandad in our matching Cowboy's jerseys at my birthday party!

Jack and I totally clobbered Aunt BB!

I had such a great time with Pop and Grandad!

Opening presents was SO much fun! Jack even tried to help me.